Guest Rules - House

  1. Guests must be accompanied by a Club member at all times.
  2. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  3. Guests may be invited to dinner and dinner-dances during Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day weekends. Children, grandchildren, married children including spouse, or parents of members may use all dining facilities during the above mentioned weekends while accompanied by a member.
  4. Bona-fide houseguests, who live beyond 50 miles of the Club, and are properly registered with the Club office are permitted full use of the Clubhouse facilities for a period not to exceed two weeks, with no restrictions as to the number of times they may use such facilities within that period. Guests must be accompanied by the host member at all times.
  5. Married children of any age not registered as Associate Members or unmarried children over the age of 24 and not registered as Junior or Associate Members are considered in the category of guests.
  6. Except on special occasions (such as Thanksgiving Day), a member may invite up to ten (10) guests for dining without special approval from the Club Manager. A party of more than ten (10) guests per host member constitutes a “Private Party” and must be approved by the Club Manager. If, in the opinion of the Club Manager, the private party will interfere with membership’s normal use of Club facilities, application for approval by the Board of Governors must be made through the House Committee.
  7. Except on special occasions, guests may not be invited to use any of the facilities of the Club, including The Dining Room, more than 4 times monthly. (This rule does not apply to members of the immediate family.)


Proper attire is required in the Clubhouse. It is incumbent upon each member to inform his guests of the proper dress code at the Club. Proper attire will be noted on each monthly calendar. The adults’ dress code in the Clubhouse is as follows:

  1. Evening attire for gentlemen (18 years of age or older) will be announced accordingly in advance. Evening dress for ladies shall be casually elegant.
  2. Gentlemen may not wear hats or caps in the Grills or Dining Room. Where allowed, caps must be worn with brims forward.
  3. Other than the fitness area, T-shirts and sweat pants are not allowed in the Clubhouse after 5:00 p.m. (this applies to adults and children over the age of 13) and are never allowed in the Donald Ross Room.
  4. Fitness training attire and bathing suits are not permitted in the Grills or Main Dining Room. Robes or other coverings are required over bathing suits when passing between Clubhouse and Pool area. This rule applies to children as well.
  5. Bermuda shorts are permitted in the Main Dining Room when casual or golf attire is permitted.
  6. Shoes must be worn in the Clubhouse. Spiked shoes (including “soft” spikes) may not be worn in the Dining Room, Main Bar and Lounge areas.
  7. Ladies Golf Course Dress Code: Proper attire is required for all women on the golf course, driving range and putting green. Tennis or jogging shorts, bathing attire, extremely short skirts or shorts, jeans, tank tops and halter tops are not permitted. Collarless golf shirts must have sleeves and sleeveless shirts must have a collar.
  8. Jeans are permitted except when noted.

Cell Phones

  1. Phones must be on vibrate or silence at all times
  2. Members may text only
  3. Phone ringing is a violation
  4. Walking through the Club, or sitting in any non-designated area and talking on the phone is a violation
  5. Vibrating or silenced phones may be answered by moving to an approved cell phone area only.
  6. Guests violating this policy shall be a violation against his/her host member

Phones may be used in the following areas:

  1. Men's and Ladies Locker Rooms, Bathrooms and Lounges, including the Pool and any sitting area around the Pool. (Be mindful and respectful of those around you.)
  2. Anywhere outside the Clubhouse except as noted below.
  3. On the golf course, provided that all members of the caller’s foursome grant permission and is used in a manner that does not ill-effect speed of play.
  4. In the Pro Shop

Cell phones may not be used, for the purpose of speaking, in the following areas:

  1. Any dining and bar area including Main Dining Room, all Grill Rooms and Patios and Pool eating areas.
  2. Club front entrance and Lounge and any Club hallway.
  3. Card Rooms
  4. All Driving Range and Practice Facilities
  5. Tennis Courts
  6. Fitness Center